Funderblast Daily Schedule

Every Week




Dress Up Day: Cray Cray! (Wear whatever you want, silly wacky, fun!)
Nature Excursion


Root Beer Float Day


Dress Up Day: The week’s theme!


Tye Dye Friday! (That’s right every Friday we tye dye!!!!)

Weekly Special Activities

All weeks will have activities, games and art projects centered around the theme!

Week 1 June 20-24 Super Powers

What is your special ability? And if you could have a super hero ability what would it be?

We will learn how to tap into our own magical powers, and how to share them with others!

Week 2 June 27-July 1 Space Travel

We will travel through the depths of space, leaning about our own planet, our solar system, the galaxy and our entire Universe! We will look at pictures of space from the hubble telescope, and create our own space images!

Week 3 July 5-8 Time Travel (no camp Monday July 4th)

We will visit back in time and travel forward in time through books, pictures, and with our own psychic powers!

Week 4 July 11-15 Myths and Legends

We will learn about myths and legends from countries all around the world, and create our own! Perhaps the stories we create will be passed on through many generations to come!

Week 5 July 18-22 World Traveler

Slide Show of pictures from around the world. Bring in photos of yourself in other countries to share with camp!

Week 6 July 25-29 Nature Exploration

We will learn about the natural wildlife of our surrounding area!

Week 7 August 1-5 Fiesta!

Come and celebrate with Funderblast this week, with piñatas and even your very own UNBirthday party! We will celebrate everyone’s birthday! That’s right it’s YOUR BIRTHDAY PARTY! Presents, Cards and balloons for all who attend!

Week 8 August 8-12 Under The Sea

Come explore the oceans and learn about the natural wild life of the seas!

Week 9 August 15-19 Animal Kingdom Exploration

Learn about the animals of our planet! Last day of camp Breakfast Special Surprise! We will have a feast of yummy breakfast made specially by the staff for camp! We might even have green eggs and ham!