Meet Louie the Lighting Bolt of Love

Louie The Lightning Bolt of Love is Camp Funderblast’s mascot. He is the guardian watching over everyone! He is always smiling and spreading Funderblast magic. He was born in May of 2013 and has since brought joy to hundreds of children and adults. Has been on road trips all over the Western United States and one day hopes to visit Asia. 

One really great thing about Louie is that when you hug him, he hugs back! On the last day of camp in 2013 Louie appeared in the sky just to remind us all how amazing life can be when we believe. Watch the video on the Camp Funderblast home page to see a photo of Louie in the sky!  

Do you know the story of how Louie was born?  If not, come to Funderblast and find out...It's a good one!  

You can follow Louie on Instagram at #Louiethelightningboltoflove 

How Louie Love Works