Guest Policy and Free Guest Vouchers

Each membership is automatically allotted two free guest vouchers each and every month, these are credited to your member account in our billing system. Pre-registration of guests is not required!!

SVSTC Guest Policy

Guest Policy: Each member family (with at least one adult member present) is permitted to host, per visit, up to one guest group, comprised of at most two adults and three children. Junior members above the age of 12, present at the club alone, are permitted to host only one individual guest each, per visit. Any guest visit outside of these guidelines needs prior approval from management.

Check in and Waiver Acceptance: Members must sign in their guest(s), have their adult guests sign our release waiver, and be present at the club with the guest at all times during the guest visit.
Guest Visits: The same guest may only visit the club twice per month up to 24 times per year.
Guest Fees: Adults $10.00, Children $5.00 (17 years and younger).
Free Guests: Each membership will be provided 2 free guest vouchers at the beginning of each month, each voucher good for one guest (hint: use for $10 adult fee before $5 junior!!). Members will be charged for all guests once the two vouchers have been utilized. The vouchers must be used during the month, unused ones will disappear as two new ones are added the 1st of the following month.