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OnBoardSUP Paddle Fitness Classes










Tuesday & Thursday: 10:15 - 11:15am 

***Classes will be held 11:15-12:15pm on June 19, 21, 26 & 28 due to early morning swim practice!!

Instructor(s): Leigh Claxton & Molly Grant 

Discounted Sign-Up Special for Members! 

Members: Drop-In: $10 | 10 Class Pass: $80 | 20 Class Pass: $150 

Non-Members: Drop-In: $25 | 10 Class Pass: $190

Please visit to reserve your board!

Class Description: OnBoardSUP Classes are traditional Yoga, Pilates and Fitness Core classes taught on the water. Your mat is a floating board and the pool is your studio. Enjoy learning while adapting to the motion of the board. The continuous challenge to balance, the instant instability created by minor energy and weight shifts, require you to ground while afloat. Change is the only constant in life. On the water we learn to flow and enjoy the ride. Improve your balance. Work all of your muscles at once and HAVE FUN while doing it. Classes are 60 minutes long. For more information, please call the SVSTC Front Desk at 415-383-3483 or contact Pam at


"Loved it—amazing value for members...I think some people are hesitant to try either because of thinking you have to wear a bathing suit or not being so great at yoga but it seems like a great class for anyone!" - Kailyn M. (SV Member)


Sports Conditioning 










Mondays & Thursdays 12-1pm 

Drop-in: $20 

Instructor: Azzaddine Kachkach 

Class Description: Join us for our Sport Conditioning Class which aims to help you achieve your optimum physical condition and prevent sports-related injuries. Modifications are available for all fitness levels! For more information, contact Azzaddine at (415) 310-7323 or