Membership | F A Q

Can I bring guests?

Yes! There is a fee for adult and children guests and guest policy must be followed. Complimentary guest passes are issued in each issue of our monthly newsletter.

Does the Club have towel service?

The Club is introducing a new service to provide gym/court towels for members. We do ask that members please return the used towels to one of the of the receptacle bins provided.

Swimmers are asked to continue to provide their own towels please.

How many memberships does the Club have?

We offer 400 memberships.

What does it mean to be a member owned club?

When you buy a membership at SVSTC you become an owner/investor in the Club, you have equity in the club. This means that when you sell your membership you will receive money back minus the transfer fee. You have voting privileges and may volunteer to be on the Board of Directors or serve on a committee.

What does my membership include?

Full use of the facility. If you take a swim or tennis lesson, personal training or charge at the cafe those additional charges will be billed to your account.