Summer Group Lessons 2018


Cost: $115 Members | $150 Non-Members






Summer group lessons are available for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced (Swim Team) level swimmers. Classification for proper placement is as follows:

Level 1: Beginner

Students to teacher ratio = 2-4:1

Level 1 swimmers are not able to swim without the aide of an instructor in the water. This class teaches basic water safety and swimming skills to novice swimmers. Goals include: feeling comfortable in the water, front & back floating, proper breathing technique, and eventually the ability to swim unassisted.

Level 2: Intermediate

Students to teacher ratio = 2-6:1

Level 2 swimmers possess the ability to swim 25 yards of freestyle unassisted. This class teaches propulsive movements in the water. Topics include basic stroke technique for freestyle and backstroke, improving breathing, breath control, and overall performance in the water.

Level 3: Advanced

Students to teacher ratio = 2-4:1

Level 3 swimmers are familiar with all competitive strokes and can swim one or more laps comfortably. This group is primarily intended for members of the swim team. Contact the coaching staff to book lessons. Class size is limited to four swimmers.




Classes meet Tuesday-Friday:

06/19-06/22 Tuesday-Friday

06/26-06/29 Tuesday-Friday

7/3-7/6 Tuesday-Friday

7/10-7/13 Tuesday-Friday

7/17-7/20 Tuesday-Friday

7/24-7/27 Tuesday-Friday

7/31-8/3 Tuesday-Friday

8/7-8/10 Tuesday-Friday

08/14-08/17 Tuesday-Friday


Daily Schedule Times: 

1:00PM-1:30PM          Beginner & Summer Camp

1:30PM-2:00PM          Beginner & Summer Camp

2:00PM-2:30PM          Beginner & Summer Camp

2:30PM-3:00PM          Break Period (No Classes)

3:00PM-3:30PM          Intermediate, Advance, & Swim Team

3:30PM-4:00PM          Intermediate, Advance, & Swim Team

4:00PM-4:30PM          Intermediate, Advance, & Swim Team

Note:  SVSTC Members have first priority for available space.  

Once swimmers are registered, they will be placed in the appropriate class time by Coach Tom and will receive email confirmation.  Please contact Coach Tom directly if you have any questions regarding your swimmer's class time at