Tennis | Ball Machine and Back Board

Your best practice partner ever - It never misses and hits it just where you like it!!!

Ball Machine:

  • To operate the ball machine a key and a bag of tennis balls are to be picked up at the front desk. You will need to leave an ID as collateral.
  • Reservations may be made in half hour increments from 8am - 8pm any day of the week. You may call the front desk up until 24 hours in advance 415-383-3483 to reserve a half hour on the ball machine.
  • The minimum age to use the ball machine without an adult present is 14 years. Children under 5 years old may not use the ball machine.
  • A maximum of 4 players may use the ball machine or be on the ball machine court at one time. Non playing people must be seated on the bench for safety reasons.
  • Please read all instructions located on the control panel prior to using the ball machine. They are very specific and will enhance your ball machine experience.
  • Non-members may not use the ball machine unless accompanied and signed in by a member.
  • All members and players are urged to display a reasonable and cooperative behavior relative to the use of the ball machine. Members must use caution in using the machine. Members should report any malfunctions to the office immediately. If it begins to rain, stop immediately, pick up the balls and return them to the front desk. Wet balls ruin the machine and are useless once they are wet.

Back Board:

On the ball machine court we also have a back board to hit against. It is placed against the fence slightly in an angle so you need to place yourself in such a way that you are hitting the ball at a right angle to it. Hitting against a back board is a superb way to practice your ground strokes and preparing for every shot you hit to come back, and not always where you expect it. Your footwork and balance will also improve by hitting on the wall. When the ball machine court is wet in one end, the back board side is often dry, which gives you another option to hit tennis balls. Make this court part of your practice routine and your game will improve dramatically. It is a fun workout whether you are by your self or with other players.